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Monday 7-9PM

Tim Alsop lives near Looe and has recently retired from a life spent working in the fishing industry, supplying fine restaurants all over the country. To keep himself out of mischief, Tim has recently taken up taxi driving in the Liskeard area. Born in the late 1950s he grew up in a household which echoed with music... “My Dad, who encouraged me to learn piano, was a great jazz aficionado, so by the age of 6, I had heard Oscar Peterson and Miles Davis and also a fair bit of classical music. In one bedroom my elder brother would be playing imported Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf records and later a new band called the Rolling Stones loomed large on his turntable. My sister was playing Beatles records, whilst my mum, who nurtured my love of poetry and the arts, was listening to Dylan and later on a lot of the great 70’s singer songwriters... Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and the like. I soaked all of this up and by the early 70s there was a lot of exciting things happening and I began discovering new bands of my own and going to live concerts. As a result of my ongoing musical education, over the years I have developed an eclectic taste ranging from Bowie to Bartok. A proud musical memento in my life, which I still have, is a school report in which my housemaster wrote... “with such important exams on the horizon, think it would be advisable if he were to leave his record collection at home“. Over the last 50 or more years I have acquired a library of music amounting to well over a thousand albums from all musical genres, I still delight in listening to current music and also remain an enthusiastic follower of the local music scene where there are some very talented musicians coming through.

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