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Liskeard Radio Needs You!

Would you like to present your own show on Liskeard Radio?


We are always looking for new presenters, especially younger presenters. You don't have to live in Liskeard to present and there is no station play list so you can play whatever music you like.

Maybe you would like to host a show with a friend, like Matt & Mollie or Marc & Lard?


During the current situation we are unable to enter our premises on Barras Street so you would be broadcasting for now from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer with built in microphone.

For scheduling availability contact Jodie and for how it all works technically contact the Liskeard Radio Tech Wizard.

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Simon & Jessica Crosbie.jpg
Lee Edwards
Jesse Foot.jpg
Barry Green 2
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Adam Hodgkins.jpg
Steve Hunt 2020.jpg
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George Ingham.jpg
Mike Jaimes.jpg
Brendan Jeffrey.jpg
Dean Moore.jpg
Martin O'Keefe.jpg
Mark McCartney
Zac Leon.jpg
Jonathan Parry.png
David & Lynette Rule.JPG
Phil Seeva
Jason Shaw.jpg
Dominic Skelcey
Danny Smith & Caleb Woodhouse.jpg
Keiron Standfield aka DJ K-Ron
Ken Strange.jpg
Brian Ugalde & James Outen.JPG
Harry Walker.jpg
Adrian Elliott
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