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New Presenter - Beth Hallisey

Beth is originally from Sussex but moved to the West Country in 2013. Now a Liskeard resident, she works for Plymouth University dental school and enjoys Gaming in her spare time. Beth has dreamed of being a radio DJ since spending her youth listening to her Dad play the "Good Morning Vietnam" soundtrack in the car. Growing up around a lot of music she has been fortunate to see many amazing bands live and enjoys a wide range of music. Her particular faves are Punk and Soul (which should give you an idea of how eclectic she can be!) She loves quizzes and obscure music trivia, renowned by her colleagues as a musical oracle who can answer music questions but then struggles to remember what she ate for lunch earlier. Beth's show "Listen Up Liskeard" plays feel good music to get you ready and pumped up for the weekend. There's something for everyone and you're more than welcome to message in your requests and of course there's also the occasional cheeky quiz!

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