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Although I am not local, I have some great memories of visiting Cornwall, and my mother was born and bred in Penzance! I realised from a young age that music seemed to affect me more than my peers and I absorbed all the music weeklies from the glossy Smash Hits through to the inkies like NME and Sounds, whilst also listening to late night radio like John Peel and Kid Jenson. My show is called The Punk, Synth And Alternative Show which is a podcast I've been doing since about 2007 and stemmed from a Gary Numan online forum. The show is one of many which is part of the Nupod family of podcasts on Facebook. I like to play the more melodic side of punk, the less cheesy side of synth or electronic music and anything which is loosely regarded as alternative yet still commercial. All this is interspersed with a bit of humorous chat and anecdote. I also feature demo tracks which became well known and even play some new tracks from upcoming artists. I enjoy seeing live bands and the other side of my personality is that I play County table tennis which often confuses people!

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