History Of Liskeard Radio

The very first meeting to discuss the possibility of starting a community radio station for Liskeard and the surrounding areas of South East Cornwall was held at John and Hella Tovar's house in Manley Road sometime in 2012. Present were ex-Heart Radio DJ Dean Moore and the then Deputy Mayor Phil Seeva.


John Tovar believed that Liskeard Radio would attract people who do not usually engage with community activities, and inform people how much happens in their town. The day after the meeting John wrote a cheque for the necessary equipment to start broadcasting and Liskeard Radio was born..

Originally broadcasting as Liskeard FM in 2013 (and briefly as Lyskerrys Radio in 2014) the station's name eventually became Liskeard Radio in 2016.

Initially broadcasting from above the Liskeard Carpets shop in Barras Street, the station then broadcast from above Early's Property Lettings and later at Liskeard School And Community College in Luxstowe Drive before finally achieving John's dream of opening their own studio (The John Tovar Studio) in Barras Street in 2019.

When Liskeard Radio Limited was set up as a limited company in May 2016 the original directors were Bryan Ugalde, James Outten, Adrian Elliott and Lucy Walker. Current directors are Bryan Ugalde, Alex Blackwell and Paul Program.

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