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King Of The 78s

Saturday / Wednesday 11am

David Rule was born in Cornwall back when 78s were still in the charts and soon found himself amongst a pile of records (his dad's brother started him off) and has had an active interest in them most of his life.


David attended one of Joe Pengelly's presentations in 1977 - the centenary of recorded sound. In 1979 he started Plymouth's first vintage record shop (sorry wrong side of the river!) which took the place of an antique shop selling gramophones. David tried more recently to start a 78s shop in Liskeard but nobody knew it was there! 


The story about the girl sitting on a 78 is true. Was it really an Elvis one? "I have to admit I was very young at the time..." says David. It's also true that David has received no fewer than eight 78s in pieces because people don't know how to package them for safe posting. David says "they're playing 60 year old records every day on the radio - they couldn't do that when I was young!"

David & Lynette Rule.JPG
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