Friday 9am

Sunday 7pm

Ambling In The Evening is a contradiction: it’s a show that wants to be refined and on the edge, yet tends to turn into an amble.  Playing all sorts of music, with disjointed links and wayward conversation – we would love your requests and dedications.


Ambling In The Evening has a number of features including ‘live’ sport, having launched the successful ‘live’ chess on the radio over the last few weeks*.


The show is also leading the way with the development of our On Air Dating app for the show’s LoveBox – if you are looking for a partner, then please feel free to get in touch with what you are looking for and we’ll share it on air - you never know?

We also have the ‘second most beautiful women in Cornwall’ sending in her song requests.


Tune in, and prepare for some quality ambling.

David tries to keep a light hearted approach to life – he loves to amble about all sorts of topics from space, to environment, to travels, to films and transport.  If you have a topic to chat about, drop us a line.


David runs his own business in the town, sits as a town councillor and chairs the Liskeard Town Forum – so if you have something to blame us for then David is probably partly responsible!

*Live sport is actually not live, and is in the spirit of entertainment, - no sports or games are actually real.